Since the 17th century sailors have gathered along St Annabay for a refreshing drink upstairs on the 1st floor of the Penha building, from where they could enjoy the view across St Annabay, keep an eye on the vessels, and come together over food, rum, and many a tall tale.

Over the years, the old barkeeper listened, learned and developed his own special recipe. Long lost, a recent discovery deep in the dark old vaults under the Penha building served as our inspiration to bring back something from those glory days.

AnnaBay Club rum is a blend of this rich history of CuraƧao with the fun-loving Caribbean vibrancy.


To put Curacao on the international map!


Distilling the essence of Curacao,

the place

the people,

and experiences,

into a Curacao Rum

to share and enjoy!


Together with the local community, create fun and memorable experiences for our visitors, to inspire them to share their stories at home.


A thriving tourism-driven economy creating opportunities and prosperity for our island and its people.